Happy Halloween 2017!

Meet Momoko, a 10.5″ jointed fashion doll from Japan. I’m just begun collecting and creating for her, and plan to share my craftables here on the blog. You can follow her “settling in” on Instagram #mymomokojourney.

Raccoon Sense

Like this stuffed animal? You may have raccoon sense.

In my first post, I mentioned something called raccoon sense. It’s a joking term that my fiancee and I use to describe my adoration of things I find aesthetically appealing because it is colorful or sparkly.

At first, I wasn’t sure why I chose the raccoon as my patron saint of design. Why not a magpie? They’re notorious for stealing shiny objects. My mother would refer to me as a magpie when I was a child because of my attraction to glittering goodies. But it didn’t stick.

After using the phrase “raccoon sense” when describing why I liked Christmas trees (even though it’s floral genocide), I googled raccoons and shiny objects. Here’s an excerpt from a pest control site about baiting traps for them which confirmed my theory that raccoons are mammalian magpies:

  • Raccoons are attracted to shiny objects. Place some wadded up aluminum foil in the trap to make them curious.
  • Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

But raccoons don’t limit their definition of shiny to just metallic objects. The newest electronic gadget might be consider the “latest shiny” in popular vernacular, and raccoons agree. Watch this video from Time On Scene’s YouTube channel:

I doubt that guy’s phone was as appealing to furry thieves as this one.

Let‘s just hope this guy has an unlimited plan. (And it was so cute, the footage of the little creature running away!)

Anything sparkling, shining, or glowing will attract a raccoon’s attention and invoke their tremendous curiousity. However, according to Wikipedia, raccoons have terrible color perception, with the exception of green values. This contradicts part of my definition of “raccoon sense” but I created the term, so I make the rules about it. Whatever, I do what I want!

I needed a pair of glasses for a road trip to Colonial Williamsburg. We stopped at Wal-Mart and it took less than 10 seconds to spot these.

This love of the sparkly comes in handy when shopping. I can look at a display and instantly fall in love with something, and don’t have to study the racks to find something I like to stylishly fit my needs. Take, for instance, the sunglasses on the right. I needed some and found this rhinestone studded pair. Shopping completed in record time.

Since my initial research, raccoons have become sort of a mascot for me. Here’s just a few reasons why, summarized in a handy list:

Source: http://iambored.pro/things-common-raccoon/

It should be noted that while raccoons have a bad reputation as a carrier of rabies, they aren’t always rabid even if they’re out and about during the day. Still, if you see one when the sun is shining, it doesn’t mean they’re safe to approach. They are wild animals and likely have young nearby (keeping them awake at all hours, just like human children!). They can and will attack if they feel threatened.

Another reason raccoons are my spirit animal: they can love cats. Although they compete for food, stray cats and raccoons occasionally team up and even become friends. The combination is enough to make you say “Awww!”

There you have it: a long, drawn out definition of “raccoon sense” and why raccoons are my spirit animal. (I forgot to mention their bitchin’ eye make-up, though.) To summarize: raccoons are cool because they love sparkly stuff and cats like me.

Additional Reading

The first post is the dullest

A beautiful photograph of ivy, suitable for a phone background. Photographer unknown.

The introductory post of all my failed blogs were usually dull or abrupt and straight to the mediocre content. I suppose it was because I was always nebulous on who my audience would be. This is the time to set the tone for the readers, give a first impression, and engage.

For this blog, I know who will be attracted to my page – color-philes, those who love bright or sparkly things (which I call “raccoon sense”), adorers of fashion, beauty and art. People who find that if it’s in rainbow hues, it makes your soul sing. Even if you’re not color-obsessed like I am, I hope you will find this blog fun, informative, amusing, and maybe even uplifting.

Please hello in the comments if you’ve happened across this. I’d love to get to know fellow color lovers who take the time to read and enjoy.  Of course, spam comments go straight to moderation and then promptly junked, and comments that are overtly rude, derogatory, or generally break TOU’s of social media will be deleted.

Finally, if you know the photographer of the picture above, please let me know. I’d love to give credit where it’s due, and ogle more of their lovely work.