The first post is the dullest

A beautiful photograph of ivy, suitable for a phone background. Photographer unknown.

The introductory post of all my failed blogs were usually dull or abrupt and straight to the mediocre content. I suppose it was because I was always nebulous on who my audience would be. This is the time to set the tone for the readers, give a first impression, and engage.

For this blog, I know who will be attracted to my page – color-philes, those who love bright or sparkly things (which I call “raccoon sense”), adorers of fashion, beauty and art. People who find that if it’s in rainbow hues, it makes your soul sing. Even if you’re not color-obsessed like I am, I hope you will find this blog fun, informative, amusing, and maybe even uplifting.

Please hello in the comments if you’ve happened across this. I’d love to get to know fellow color lovers who take the time to read and enjoy.  Of course, spam comments go straight to moderation and then promptly junked, and comments that are overtly rude, derogatory, or generally break TOU’s of social media will be deleted.

Finally, if you know the photographer of the picture above, please let me know. I’d love to give credit where it’s due, and ogle more of their lovely work.

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